About Our Weddings

   Each and every wedding we perform is as unique as the couple celebrating their momentous day. We do this by weaving your personal story into the wedding ceremony to provide personalized meaning and a ceremony that is uniquely yours.

   We would be happy to write and perform your wedding ceremony. We are both certified and trained to perform weddings of all life-affirming traditions and unique styles, reflecting a myriad of backgrounds. Most of our couples have chosen to have both of us perform their ceremony together in honor of equal partnership and gender equality.

   Every wedding is unique, written to reflect the couple’s lifestyles, philosophies, and values. Thus, when you inquire with us about your upcoming wedding, we will invite you to meet us in person at a local coffee shop or a tea room to see if we are a good Celebrant match. We will go over important details for your wedding ceremony and explore what you envision. We'll make use of a fun questionnaire for you both so we can gather the vital elements of your story. This story is part of what makes your wedding ceremony unlike any other.

Traditional and Non-traditional Unions

   We can incorporate familiar and traditional elements into your ceremony. We can also re-envision and re-imagine them to match the needs of our changing world and reflect your unique relationship. Or, we can create new traditions to match your unique style.

Family Blending Ceremonies

   We can work with you in creating a unique approach in blending your family during your wedding ceremony. We honor a contemporary approach that meets the needs of today's changing and varied families.

Family blending Tree Planting Ceremony

Special Themes

   Do you have a unique or unconventional theme in mind? Do you envision a wedding based on literary motifs or cinematic themes? Let's discuss the possibilities and make your ceremony dreams come true.

Our Goals: 

    - To create and perform a unique and memorable ceremony just for you.

    - To partner with you as we create exactly the ceremony that matches what you envision.

    - To help provide memories that will last a lifetime.