Ceremonies to Celebrate the Adoption of a Pet.

   Our animal companions are often as special to us as the human members of our families. Many people celebrate their adoption as much as they celebrate any welcoming of a new member into their family. For some people, pets are a large and essential part of their families, or are their families. Thus, when adopting a new pet into your home, we can write and lead a ceremony that celebrates the happy occasion.

Ceremonies to Acknowledge the Loss of a Pet.

   Just as we are joyful when a new animal companion is welcomed into the family, we also mourn and grieve when we lose an animal who's been a big part of the family. The pain is felt and a special time of mourning can be accompanied by a Pet Memorial or Pet Funeral. 

Home Euthanasia.

  In 2014, we had brought in a veterinarian to assist with the euthanasia of our terminally ill cat Brian. If and when your animal companion is nearing the end of life due to a terminal illness, disease, and/or old age, you too can opt for a home euthanasia. A farewell memorial ceremony can be led to accompany this sad time so as to assist with the grieving process. In the event of the impending passing of an animal companion, if you would rather have the euthanasia conducted in the comfort of home - rather than at a facility not as well-known to your companion, here is a link to Dr. Jason Coreiro's mobile pet euthanasia service:
 One Last Gift.