Q and A

Here are some frequently made inquiries.

Q: What are your rates?
A: As for the rates, we will go over that in the no-obligation call or face-to-face meeting, as each personalized ceremony is built from scratch and we do take time to make it unique and special so that it matches what you envision. Therefore we can go over all the particulars including any travel during the discussion.

Q: How do I book my ceremony date?
A: We give you a client agreement during the initial consultation. Once we receive the signed agreement and half-down deposit, your date is then booked on our calendars and we then get the creative process started.

Q: How do you get the personal story for my wedding (or other ceremony) written?
A: The creative process begins by our sending you a fun questionnaire to fill out. You need to answer only the questions that you are drawn to, giving us enough information to tell your story.

Q: How soon will I see the first draft?
A: Once we receive the questionnaire, we endeavor to get the first draft to you in approximately two weeks.

Here is more about our process in the words of Kristen and Jeremy:

"I was looking for the right officiants to do my "offbeat" wedding ceremony. I wanted an eclectic mix of ancient traditions and was really worried about who was going to be able to do this for me, let alone understand my vision and not judge me for my lack of conformity. I stumbled across Tim and Jennifer on the Offbeat Bride community (I think....) and am so happy I did! They met with us on Skype for our initial interview and spent 2 hours with us before we even booked them. We learned they were Life Cycle Celebrants, not officiants, they celebrate life changes with you instead of officiating over you. 
They listened to all of our ideas with no judgement, in fact they were excited and very supportive. It is always a bit unnerving to plan a wedding that has no defined edges or religious boundries. We felt so supported and so comfortable with Tim and Jennifer, they walked us through the whole thing that night, so now we had a template to work with. We saw a light in the unknown and were so happy. Planning a wedding is scary and if you really care about the wedding and its true meaning, than finding the right people to marry you is daunting!
They sent us a lengthy questionnaire about our lives together, how we met, what makes us happy, how we feel about each other and love......it was such a great exercise for us as a couple in addition to helping them write our love story into the ceremony. They wrote a beautiful ceremony and I never felt bad to step in and edit. I worked really hard on my part and they welcomed that! I never felt overbearing because they knew this was about us and supported us the whole way. They worked hard, we worked hard and we came out with a beautiful piece that not only represented their professional wisdom but our hearts. It was such a pleasure working with them on this, THE most IMPORTANT ritual binding of love ever. Did I mention their patience?? My job is very busy as well as my husband's, and we were scrambling to do the final edits and write our vows to the very latest deadline and they were so calm and patient with us when our stress levels could not have been any higher. They met with us one more time on Skype before the wedding to finalize everything and make sure we felt good. We knew we were supported! The amount of time they spent on us was very giving of them. They traveled up to Grand County from Denver and stayed the night before the wedding to go over the rehearsal, but more importantly to quietly bless our space with us that night. The day of the wedding we had been battling the rain for weeks....but as soon as we stepped out of the cabins to walk down the aisle.....days of rain turned into a sunny hole in the sky....I do believe with all of our combined energies we created a beautiful thing! Tim and Jennifer Hand-Fasted us in what many have said was the most beautiful magical ceremony ever. There wasn't a dry eye in the house and no lack of compliments on what we all accomplished as a team. 
Thank you Tim and Jennifer for taking all the time you did to listen to us. to support us, to guide us and finally to marry us, IT WAS THE MOST wonderful culmination of all of our hard work. You were the best part, the best choice we made at our wedding and we are so honored and blessed to have had you two by our side, husband and wife, ying and yang. Thank you!! "