Endorsements from prior weddings:

“Tim and Jennifer are so great. They really care to try and get to know you to tailor your ceremony just for you. We had so much fun working with them and they were able to capture who we are and what we wanted out of our day. So many people came up to us later and told us how refreshing our ceremony was because they felt like it was so much like us and authentic. Also Tim and Jennifer perform the ceremony together as a married couple which I just loved. Who better than to have another couple that is daily living what you're about to help you into joining that special world of marriage.”
- Krystle and Brenden

“Jennifer and Tim were just amazing and instrumental in putting together the perfect ceremony for our October wedding. From the moment we met them for tea to discuss what we envisioned it was clear that we could not go with anyone else. They brought a true passion to the creative process and Tim was even able to accommodate non English speaking guests which was a pleasant surprise. Together Jennifer and Tim went above and beyond in every aspect and made our amazing day that much more special. Highly recommended!”
- Vincent and Sofya

“Jen and Tim were absolutely wonderful to work with and made our special day even more special. My fiance is French and they were able to help us create a bilingual ceremony that everyone could enjoy. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a personalized and meaningful ceremony!”
-Katie and Romain

“Jen and Tim were absolutely wonderful and instrumental in helping us make out dream wedding a reality. We wanted a personalized nonreligious ceremony that reflected who we are as a couple, and they delivered. We planned our Colorado wedding from out of state (Alabama), so they corresponded with us regularly via FaceTime, email, phone, and text. They worked intimately with us to get to know us as a couple and helped guide us in crafting our personalized wedding ceremony; it truly was an amazing team effort. We got so many compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was, including several from our vendors. It's apparent that they truly care about each and every couple that they work with and put their heart into their work. 10/10 would recommend!”
- Kane and Liz

“Words fail to express my immense love and gratitude for Jen and Tim! Finding the right celebrant(s) was personally the most difficult part of wedding planning...the intimacy, time, and devotion required to create a truly unique and personalized ceremony cannot be underestimated. From the moment my husband and I first spoke to Jen and Tim, we felt a sense of peace in knowing that they could help us create the ceremony of our dreams. Every word and element of our ceremony truly meant something to us, and I have never heard so many people connect so deeply to a ceremony. We will carry and treasure this moment forever in our hearts...I really cannot recommend Jen and Tim enough...they will listen to you deeply and deliver on the most important part of your wedding day...the ceremony and sacred act of getting married!”
-Natalie and Brian

“Jen and Tim truly made our wedding day special. Me and my husband had been together eight years before getting married on August 5, 2017 so we wanted the ceremony to reflect our personal values as well as our history together. Jen and Tim did such an incredible job at helping us work through the ceremony. We changed our minds several times about what the perfect unity ceremony should be to reflect us and they were so understanding and easy to work with. From the quick communication to the creativity in the ceremony to its execution the day of, Jen and Tim ensured we had our perfect ceremony! We have continued to receive compliments from our guests on how much they loved the ceremony. We highly recommend Jen and Tim!!”
- Ashley and Seth

“The ceremony that Jennifer and Tim created for our wedding was beautiful. It was crafted with care and a detail-oriented eye. We received non stop compliments the entire night about how awesome it was. Guests told us they felt like they really got to know who we were as individuals and as a couple. Usually the ceremony is the part people are eager to speed through; however we had the opposite experience, truly telling that this ceremony was unique and completely captivating. Jennifer and Tim without a doubt made the entire evening unforgettable! We would highly recommend them!”
- Lydia and Luke

“Jennifer and Tim are what made our whole wedding day. The ceremony they crafted fit us to a T, and that made it all the more meaningful and special. We were in the market for something a little different than your basic wedding ceremony, and Jennifer and Tim were exactly what we were looking for. They got to know us as people, as well as a couple, and diligently put those characteristics into every last bit of our ceremony. If you are looking for a wedding ceremony that perfectly captures you and your partner as a couple, then Jennifer and Tim are DEFINITELY the ones to go with.”
- Keeri and Sean

“We first discovered Jennifer and Tim on theknot.com. After reading the wonderful reviews, we decided to set up a Skype interview (we live out of state). Our first impression was that they were very friendly and professional. We really liked their personalities and their customizable ceremonies. During the planning of the wedding, they were very easy to communicate with (even from a long distance). Our ceremony turned out perfect and Jennifer and Tim exceeded our expectations. They even filed the marriage license paper work for us and sent us a beautiful keepsake of the ceremony. I would highly recommend these two to anyone looking for a unique and personal ceremony. Thanks Jennifer and Tim for helping making our day so memorable!”
- Kristi and Alexander

“We searched for officiants in CO who perform secular ceremonies in particular. We interviewed Jennifer and Tim in Denver, CO and hashed out the basics of what our ceremony would look like and what unique things we could do to make it special. We did end up interviewing other officiants, but the thought of both Jennifer and Tim doing the ceremony and delivering it together was so unique and special we had to do it. Plus they are world travelers and so easy to chat with because we are too! I know our guests loved the ceremony and having them both there added to the non-traditional elements we wanted for our wedding (neither of us really wanted a super traditional wedding)! We could not be happier with the way our ceremony turned out thanks to Jennifer and Tim!! It was in a remote location and they were more than willing to come out there and brave the wind and deliver a great ceremony. It was great getting to know them while working through the scripting process and during the rehearsal. They both have excellent ideas and plenty of experience but certainly let you add your own flare and nuance to your ceremony. Instead of the wine box time-capsule, we chose to bury a fifth of scotch in a geocache in the mountains. Tim even delivered that part of the ceremony with a Scottish accent to add a fun flare! It was very well received! Thank you, Jennifer and Tim, for such a memorable and unique wedding ceremony as well as for the keepsake! Thank you for attending part of our reception celebration as well. I hope you had a lot of fun and should we need any assistance in future life-changing ceremonies, we’ll be sure to contact you!! Thanks”
- Sarah and Dan

“Thank you so much Jennifer and Tim for the amazing ceremony! We loved what you two put together and made the whole experience a very pleasant and special one for us. I was especially thrilled to work with you two, and that you are a lovely couple who represent the union ship and help create it for others.”
- Bolor and Mario

“Jen and Tim were the most amazing celebrants we could have hoped for. From the first meeting, to the communication leading up to the day of they both went above and beyond and we were able to have a unique and meaningful ceremony that we will remember for ever thanks to them. We will be recommending them to everyone we know. Our wedding day was made ever so much more special thanks to the work these two put in for us. Truly an amazing team.”
- Ryan

“We decided to have both Tim and Jennifer perform our wedding ceremony. Together they created the perfect ceremony for us.They were extremely patient and flexible when working with us to create the best script that reflected who we are. They made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. We would highly recommend Tim and Jennifer as your wedding officiant(s)! Our ceremony was picture perfect. Thank you Tim & Jen! We wouldn't have had it any other way!”
- Katie

"We’ve never really been a “traditional” family or really even had much of a desire to get officially married. For years, we already treated our relationship as a marriage and traditional views didn’t quite encompass what we wanted out of a wedding celebration. It wasn’t until we met with Tim and Jen that we truly realized how excited we were to experience this process, one uniquely our own. Once we met Tim and Jen, we were able to see how authentic this kind of celebration would be to our established family, and we couldn’t be happier with the result of our gorgeous and inspiring fall mountain event! Tim and Jen created a customized ceremony for this milestone in our lives that fit our family and our desires. We wanted something intimate, easy-going, full of laughter, fun, and love. We wanted our children to be an important part of our ceremony, and we wanted to share it all with our closest family and friends. Tim and Jen worked closely with us to draft the perfect structure and atmosphere for our special day. Whatever is most important to you on your special day will be the essence of Tim and Jen’s every move during your experience, with utmost the respect, elegance, and communication."
- Tonya and Zack

"Writing and planning the ceremony are obviously two of the most important aspects of a wedding, but Tim and Jennifer made the process simple and really helped us to create a ceremony that was fun and meaningful. They had great ideas on ways to personalize the wedding and gave us multiple drafts to let us word the ceremony in a way that fit us and our wedding. They made the process easy and stress free, and were also very helpful in organizing the ceremony with the manager of our wedding venue. Our guests were extremely impressed with Tim and Jennifer and with how unique and personalized the entire ceremony was. They were great to work with and we would highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you both for helping to make our wedding the best day of our lives!"
- Tiffany and Dan

"We LOVED our Officiates! We decided to have both Jennifer and Tim perform our ceremony. They wrote our perfect ceremony... They had no problems with the many changes I made. And they made it perfect. After the ceremony everyone was raving about how perfect it was. I highly recommend them to anyone, and If you should go with them have both of them perform the ceremony!"
- Mike and Kodi

"When I look back at our wedding I most vividly remember my morning mountain bike ride. After that I have wonderful memories of how special our ceremony was and how it was so touching and moving for everyone that was there to share it with us. My husband and I are not really religious people. We loved how Jennifer's approach to our wedding ceremony focused on creating our love story and sharing that with all our family and friends.
From the beginning Jennifer was wonderful. We had a phone call followed by an initial meeting and she was so prepared with research and enthusiam to make our ceremony super special for us. The ceremony was amazing! I got feedback from many guests that they had never experienced such a touching ceremony. I know we made the right choice. I look forward to being able to relive those feelings often with the beautiful bound copy that was Jennifer's gift to us following the ceremony."
- Jessica and Patrick Miller

"We hired Tim and Jen to do our Hawaiian Style wedding and were very happy at all they did to make our ceremony wonderful! We meet with Tim a few weeks before the wedding date and he wrote a unique ceremony copy that included some Hawaiian traditions that he researched for us. He also got to know us and included a few fun stories in the ceremony about how we met and my proposal. Jen was a great help at the rehearsal and day of the ceremony to keep the wedding party coordinated and give Tim the help he needed to pull off a beautiful event. We would highly recommend Tim and Jen and their services - first class all the way!"
- Ken and Marcella

"For our wedding, we used Celebrating Times of Change (Jennifer Bailey) as our officant. My husband and I knew that we wanted more than a judge, but did not want our ceremony to be in the usual religious format either. After much research, we knew that a celebrant was the way to go as we wanted someone that could help us display our love and really bring life to our wedding ceremony with special and unique touches that best represented US as a couple. Throughout the entire process, Jennifer was detailed and committed to making our ceremony and "love story" one that we felt represented who we are and the type of ceremony we were hoping to have. Many of our guests commented that our ceremony was indeed unique and that Jennifer's approach was reflective and harmonious with the setting of our wedding. She put 110% into writing our ceremony and captured our personalities well. She was always availbale for any questions or thoughts concerning any revisions that we wanted or needed. Her organization was apparent from day one which had an extremely calming effect as I knew I could count on Jennifer, something that any bride can truly appreciate when immersed in wedding planning. Thank you Jennifer for making our day as special as we had hoped!"
- Robyn

"Tim and Jen,
Meredith and I can't thank you enough for all of your efforts in writing and performing our wedding ceremony. When we came to you, all we had was a general sense of what was important to us in a wedding and a marriage, and a few key words and phrases that we wanted integrated into the ceremony. It was important to us that our wedding represented our secular values, but with sensitivity to the religious beliefs of some of our family and friends that would be in attendance. You took these concerns to heart, and developed a beautiful, unique ceremony that captured both the tone and meaning of everything we had discussed. As soon as you began reading the first draft of the ceremony to us, we could tell how carefully you had listened. The wording was elegant and poetic, and the cadence and quality of your public speaking voice added further to the beauty of the ceremony. We also loved the imaginative bonding ceremony that you created with the bowl of stones. It was a beautiful and unique addition to our wedding, and we are so pleased to have the stones now as a continual reminder of our vows.
Our experience with you was wonderful, and we still receive compliments on the ceremony from our families. Thank you again for everything!
Best Regards,"
- Dave and Meredith

"Jennifer and Tim,
 We wanted to thank you for being such an integral part of our wedding. We were sincerely touched by the eloquent way you put together what we desired in our ceremony. You spoke beautifully about nature and the importance of elemental balance in our marriage in accordance with Feng Shui. We are eternally grateful for your contribution to our very special day!"
- Tammy and Chris