Celebration of Life Ceremonies: Creating and Performing Unique and Memorable Funerals, Memorials, and Tributes.  

  Tim has five years of experience as a Certified Life-Cycle® Funeral Celebrant. He creates, designs, and performs funerals,  memorials, and Celebration of Life Ceremonies that match the lifestyles, philosophies, and values of the deceased and their family.   

   He honors and respects all life-affirming traditions and philosophies, whether secular, multi-cultural, or inter-faith.   

  By incorporating the life story of your loved one, he provides a personalized and dignified end-of-life tribute that honors the person who has passed. You can have the final approval for the ceremony, for he wants it to reflect the values and philosophies that are meaningful to the deceased. Tim can provide a myriad of suggestions to help honor and celebrate your loved one’s life. 

How His Ceremonies Stand Apart.

  Many of us have attended memorials and funerals in the past that didn't meet expectations. Tim's main goal is to do everything that is necessary to create a meaningful service with care and compassion. He is sensitive and inclusive to the diverse needs of our modern families. With Tim's dedication to providing quality, unique, and personal ceremonies, he anticipates that all of his ceremonies will exceed expectations and be of great comfort during the grieving process.

The Keepsake.

   After the ceremony has been performed, a keepsake copy is sent to you to as an honor to your loved one and their personal story.