Coming of Age Ceremonies to mark a child's transition to adulthood.

   Coming of age ceremonies are popular in many European countries as well as within various international cultures and subcultures within the US. We can incorporate a myriad of elements and even re-imagine the more common so as to personalize a unique and meaningful ceremony to commemorate your child's emergence into the adult world.

Element Ideas.

   Jennifer can customize your ceremony with a number of unique elements, including but not limited to:

  • Crossing the Bridge into Womanhood.
  • Storytelling of the Child's Coming of Age.
  • Celebration of This Milestone.
  • Personal Goals and Plans for the Future.
  • Sharing Wisdom, Advice, and Knowledge.
  • Wishes and Sharing of Dreams.
  • Readings, Quotes, and Poems.
  • Treasure Box for the Future.
  • Gifting.
  • Sharing Food, Cake, and Drink.