Secular Weddings and Weddings Free From Religion.

   Every month, we have been welcoming an increasing number of inquiries from couples who desire meaningful and personal ceremonies that have no religious elements. As it is a specialty of ours, we enjoy conversing with couples who seek us out for weddings that have no religion, whether they are non-religious or are an inter-faith couple. We work to create a meaningful and inspirational ceremony that eschews the old dogmas and verbiage that no longer meets the needs of contemporary couples and families. 

   We have a wide variety of secular and Humanist resources, readings, poetry, and quotations to reflect a secular union that remains meaningful, speaking to how you define your partnership. We re-imagine other ceremony elements to recapture a secular tradition while adhering to what is meaningful to the couple.

Minimalist Ceremonies.

   If you want a straight-forward secular and/or Humanist ceremony, with little or no personal story and minimal elements, then we can provide. We have a collection of ceremonies that speak to a union in general from a secular perspective. What is important to us is that you receive the ceremony that you envision for your big day. Thus if you want to keep it brief, omitting a personal story and keeping light on elements, just let us know and we can provide the ceremony you desire.