Autumn Years Ceremonies.

   As our grandparents age, as our parents age, then as we age, there comes a time in which the responsibilities to the family and community change. The duties and expectations of our elders are altered as they approach their twilight years. Autumn Years Ceremonies can mark the change that our elders undergo as they become our wise men and wise women for our families and within our culture.

   In contrast to a Retirement Ceremony, which reflects the end of a career or profession, the Autumn Years ceremony highlights the beginning of the chapter in our elders' lives in which they are then supported and taken care of by their family and community. It is the beginning of a chapter in which the lifetime of wisdom, knowledge, and learning can be passed on to younger generations. 

Element Ideas.

   Jennifer can customize your ceremony with a number of unique elements, including but not limited to:

  • Crossing the Bridge into your Autumn Years
  • Storytelling: Celebration of this Milestone
  • Saying Goodbye to the Old and Bringing the New Alive
  • Personal Achievements and Honors
  • Acceptance and Defining of your New Status and Role
  • Sharing Wisdom, Advice, and Knowledge
  • Giving Back to the Community
  • Readings, Quotes, and Poems
  • Sharing Food and Wine