Humanist Funeral Services and Ceremonies that are Meaningful and Secular.

   Tim has been welcoming an increasing number of requests for Celebration of Life Ceremonies that are either fully secular and/or Humanist. The requests arrive from families and loved ones of the deceased who are either nonreligious, spiritual but not religious, or are from an inter-faith family. Some requests are from families who, although they may be religious, they recognize that the family-member who has passed was not particularly so, thus they request a ceremony that closely reflects the values of their departed loved-one. 

   Tim is sensitive to your needs, so with his numerous resources at hand, he will write a unique ceremony that is personal, and one that meets the needs of today's grieving families and community.

Minimalist Ceremonies.

   If you want a straight-forward secular and/or Humanist Celebration of Life ceremony, with little or no personal story and minimal elements, then Tim can provide. He has a collection of ceremonies that speak to universal values in general from a secular and/or Humanist perspective. What is important to him is that you experience the ceremony that gives an honorable sendoff to your departed loved-one. Thus if you want to keep it brief, omitting a personal story and keeping light on elements, just let Tim know and he can provide the ceremony you desire.