Who We Are

   We, Tim and Jennifer, are a husband and wife Life-Cycle Celebrant® team creating and performing ceremonies together and individually. We are both skilled in performing meaningful ceremonies based on different customs and traditions. We have studied a wide variety of cultural ceremony elements. We are well versed regarding the importance of rites-of-passage, from weddings, handfastings, renewals of vows, house-blessings, baby-naming ceremonies, pet ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies, autumn years ceremonies, celebration of life ceremonies, memorials, and funerals, as well as seasonal celebrations and special events.

What We Do

   We create and perform unique and memorable ceremonies that match your lifestyles, philosophies, and values. We work with you as we design and write your ceremony to match what you envision, customizing each ceremony with a personal story of what led up to this meaningful change.

Our Vision

   Our vision is to create and perform ceremonies that will be remembered for a lifetime. Our ceremonies capture the importance of the natural yet life-changing events that individuals and couples experience. Contact us to arrange an appointment.