An Article Covering Death Cafes from 2013.

An article from two years ago coverning Death Cafes. From the Huffington Post.
Frank discussions about death are healthy, breaking the barriers of taboo so that the conversation can be discussed. Bringing it out in the open aassists in dispelling fear and anxiety associated with death and dying.

Death Cafes Grow As Places To Discuss, Learn About End Of Life
Posted: 02/04/2013 6:21 pm EST 
Jaweed Kaleem 


Make Ceremony Matter More with Cyndy Neilly-Spence

   There is a podcast of interest to those in the Funeral and Memorial Celebrancy field, 'Make Ceremony Matter More' with Cyndy Neilly-Spence, Life-Cycle Celebrant®. This is a seven-episode (as of this writing) podcast about serving funeral clients through unique and personal ceremony.

   The podcast is one of many hosted on Funeral Radio and is sponsored by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute

   Commentary on the first seven episodes will be posted on this blog in the future.

Link: Make Ceremony Matter More.